Biodiversity team drop in session WBH foyer 12pm-2pm 28th May 2024

Fraser Davidson
Monday 27 May 2024

Good afternoon,

I am reaching out regarding a research study investigating Professional Services’ level of understanding of biodiversity, its importance, benefits, and the challenges it faces. 

I am an intern, and this will help inform the development of a Biodiversity Communications Strategy. We are looking to develop a training package to assist with awareness raising on the importance of biodiversity, and encourage engagement and action within the University.

I am looking to interview members of staff across Professional Services. If you are willing to take part, we can plan a meeting online or in person, depending on what suits you best. The interview should take no longer than 30 minutes. 

I have documents which provide further information on the study and the interview and I’ll be in WBH foyer from 12pm-2pm on Tuesday 28th May for a drop-in session and any queries that you may have.

Alternatively, you can complete the online survey – closing date 2 June. It only takes 10 minutes to fill out, and the results will be extremely useful for me to analyse. Please do circulate to colleagues!

– Najda Thouzellier evt4@

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